Founded in 2003 in Richmond, Virginia, by Karen Love Pinkerton, MS, CCC-SLP, SpeechSmarts is a private speech pathology practice offering custom therapies and one-to-one training designed to help individuals and businesses achieve excellence in communication. 

If you have questions about a child's or a loved one's speech and language skills or if you believe your employees can benefit from professional speech therapy, Karen offers a quick and easy diagnostic screening tool suitable for people of all ages.

No matter where you are, SpeechSmarts can help. Through teleconferences, computer platforms or similar telecommunications methods, you're closer than you think to effective speech.

About Us


Since 2003, SpeechSmarts has been focused on helping clients meet their goals of communications excellence.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, the private practice was founded by Karen Love Pinkerton and has provided coast-to-coast services including screenings and assessments, evaluations and treatment plans. 

For more information about speech therapy and its benefits, call 804-726-2906.

Speech and Language Therapy

SpeechSmarts is focused on improving each client's overall communication ability and self-confidence. 

Speech and language disorders, whether congenital or acquired, can be experienced by people of all ages. Licensed and certified speech language pathologists are trained to diagnose and treat the wide variety of disorders experienced by both children and adults. 

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Corporate Speech Training

SpeechSmarts helps business professionals overcome speech challenges in the workplace and helps human resource managers retain and develop a company's most valuable asset: employees. 

Special pricing is available for companies referring multiple clients. Individual and group training is available. For groups of three or more, training can be provided at your workplace. 

Call 804-726-2906 to learn more. No matter where you are, SpeechSmarts can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Speech and Language Therapy?

From correcting speech or language disorders in preschool age children, to working with adults with dementia or traumatic brain injuries, speech and language pathologists work to improve communication abilities in people of all ages.

Through assessments, diagnoses and  treatment, licensed and certified speech and language therapists can improve the quality of life for clients as well as entire families, caregivers and friends.

Why Corporate Speech Training?

Struggling with an accent or other speech challenge? 

Do you sense your speech is holding you back despite your abilities and talent?

Do you worry that your coworkers think you're unqualified for your position simply because of your speech?

Your feelings are normal.

Build your confidence through improved speech and leadership communications techniques with SpeechSmarts.

What Do Clients Say About SpeechSmarts?

During a school play, it was heartbreaking to notice my daughter's lisp in such a public forum. Karen gave me straight answers about the diagnosis and provided consistent feedback . Later, when my young son's speech was hard to understand, I immediately called Karen. Parent of two young children

Karen fully understands the needs of foreign executives to improve English speaking skills. She has incredible knowledge and enthusiasm to help accent reduction and improve speech with fast and recognized results. U.S.-based international executive

In exploring therapies for Parkinson's Disease, my neurologist recommended the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment exercises. Several friends suggested  Karen, and I have worked with her weekly for over three years. She is caring, diligent and effective, and it is a pleasure to work with her. I know I am in much better condition with her help than without. She makes therapy pleasant while encouraging discipline for the voice exercises. Adult client with Parkinson's Disease


Learn more about speech and language disorders and medical conditions that may cause them:

Meet Karen Love Pinkerton

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Karen Love Pinkerton, MS, CCC-SLP, is a highly-skilled speech language pathologist with more than 25 years of experience in a variety of pediatric, adolescent and adult settings. Her experience includes the clinical evaluation and treatment of various speech and language disorders at all levels. 

Karen is certified by the Institute of Language and Phonology as a Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) course trainer and is also certified in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, which specifically addresses the voice problems of individuals with Parkinson disease. 

On the business side, Karen’s unique experience includes five years as a regional manager and corporate trainer, which provides insight into the importance of effective communication and presentation skills in professional environments. In addition, Karen is an active member of the Corporate Speech Pathology Network (CORSPAN).

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